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Fragrance Ingredients & Disclosure

The Issue: In the 2017 Montana legislative session, I was asked to testify in support of fragrance ingredient disclosure. Under current law, fragrance ingredients are considered proprietary information and are not required to be disclosed. The issue is that the term “fragrance” or “parfum” as listed in an ingredient label can actually include upwards of 100 different chemicals chosen from thousands of chemicals, many of which have not been tested for their effects on human health. Phthalates, for example, are commonly used as a component in “fragrance.” Phthalates are linked to reproductive, developmental harm, preterm birth and gestational diabetes. Even when something is label “unscented,” you may still see “fragrance” on the ingredient list. I believe we have a right, as consumers, to know what is in our products, so we can make an informed decision on what we put on our skin. Women’s Voices for the Earth is continuing efforts nationwide to push for ingredients in fragrance to be disclosed.

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