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Mother's Day Clean Beauty Picks

Treat mom to what she really wants this year -- top of the line (and safer) skin care, body care, and makeup! Check out my top picks below:

Solemates Exfoliating Duo

Master the at-home pedicure with this incredible, safe, foot exfoliating duo. Use the volcano exfoliator tool to scrub away, smooth, and soothe. Then, lather on the sole soothe exfoliating foot balm overnight to keep your feet renewed and refreshed.

Good Scents Bath Oil Trio

Invigorate, De-Stress, and Clarify with these naturally scented bath oils. These bath oils were best sellers over the holidays and they will be the perfect choice for mom. Just fill a bath and pour in your oil of choice. Relax in an avocado and jojoba seed oil infused bath to keep your skin hydrated and glowing!

Melting Body Balm

This hydrating and softening blend of avocado and argon oils will keep mom feeling beautiful all day. More than just a normal moisturizer, this magically melts into a luxurious oil that will leave with a healthy-looking glow. Plus, if Tahiti could be bottled into a lotion -- this would be it. Hello, coconut soaked gardenias!

Reflect Effect AHA Smoothing Facial Mask and Tool Bundle

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you just can't go wrong with this mask! A bouncy, clear gel formula, packed with AHA glycolic acid and bamboo particles, glides on effortlessly with the spatula side of the applicator. Remove using the bristle side, then work in post-mask skin care with the massage side for softer, smoother skin. A perfect purchase for Mother's Day!

No doubt, clean beauty is the best way to pamper the woman on your list for Mother's Day. Any of these products will be sure to put a smile on a mom's face. Did I miss any of your clean beauty favorites that would be a perfect Mother's Day gift? Share your thoughts!

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