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Safer Switches: Oral Hygiene

Finding oral care products that are both safer and effective has been a challenge since I started this cleaner living journey 11 years ago. I've discovered some crazy facts about conventional toothpastes. One being that most of them contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Propelyne Glycol (PEG) -- two ingredients that I try to avoid in my skincare and body care products because of their links to human health issues, so I certainly do not want them in my mouth on the daily! Not by coincidence, both of these ingredients are included in Beautycounter's Never List.

On the flip side, I've tried a lot of cleaner brands that either do not stand up performance-wise or that are greenwashers, meaning they market themselves as clean or safe when they actually contain toxic ingredients. Luckily, in the recent years, I have found four awesome brands that meet my clean criteria and that I can rotate just like I do my supplements.

Here is a breakdown of our family's current favorites:

New to Clean Toothpaste?

Opt for David's Premium Natural Toothpaste if you are just now making the switch to a toothpaste with clean ingredients. The taste and texture are the most similar to conventional toothpastes. It just doesn't have all the questionable ingredients, including SLS and unnecessary artificial colors or flavors. This is my husband's favorite by a long shot and the one that convinced him to give up the bright blue brand! I'm giving David's bonus points for being EWG-Verified, too.

Kids' Favorites

I've had the kiddos use cleaner toothpastes from the start. They love the non-minty options, including Dr. Brite's Strawberry Sky and RiseWell's Cake Batter, but the older two boys are starting to warm up to the mint options. I also have the kiddos use Dr. Brite's Mouthwash and the Berry-flavored Healthy Teeth and Gums Mouthspray. I love that both Dr. Brite and Risewell's products are curated/developed by dentists!

Better Floss

Did you know that most conventional flosses contain Teflon/PFAS? Teflon is linked to a host of health issues, including neurotoxicity, cancer, and developmental + reproductive disorders. I love Cocofloss - it uses coconut oil and vegan wax - and RiseWell's Mint Floss that is infused with remineralizing hydroxyapatite - a naturally occurring mineral "scientifically-proven to strengthen and protect your teeth." It's an ingredient that is so effective, in fact, that Japan has used it for years!

PS: Teflon is found in quite a few other products, including non-stick cookware, food packaging, flame retardant-coated goods, and stain resistant fabrics. If you want to take a deeper dive into Teflon, check out the eye-opening documentary "The Devil We Know."

Mouth Wash

Dr. Brite has a ton of options for mouth washes and sprays, including my favorite Sensitivity Relief Mouthwash in Coconut Chai. RiseWell offers a Balancing Mouthwash (it's pretty intense, I have to say) to help balance your mouth's pH.

Have you tried clean oral care products? Do you have a favorite brand or item? Share your thoughts!

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