I love all the amazing people I get to work with. Here are a few of the kind words they had to say.... 

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Reagen has sparked tremendous in my beauty routine, home and family. I am so excited to be on this journey towards clean living with my friend and mentor who is leading the way for toxic free living right here in Helena, Montana. 


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Not only has Reagen been a huge support in my own business, but she helped me grow my side hussle with Beautycounter as well! She helped teach me why clean living is so important and how to help others learn through me! Reagen is driven, motivated, kind and so supportive in every way! 


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I've realized how important it is to live clean! I thought it would be hard to find clean products at an affordable price, but Reagen has taught me how easy it can be! Thanks Reagen!


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Meeting Reagen and finding Beautycounter has changed my life. I have had serious health concerns the last few years. I cannot use normal skin products so i stopped using anything all together. When I found Beautycounter, my skin and body thanked me, and now I am a consultant and part of Women's Voices! Thank you Reagen!

Consultant, Beautycounter


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