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It can be overwhelming to know what's best for your skin, your family, and your home.

You want products that actually work, that feel and smell good, and that are also safe for you.  Have you been interested in becoming an advocate for cleaner products, but you're not sure where to start?


"Reagen helped open my eyes to the toxins that are in my home and showed me how to lead a cleaner life. I'm grateful for her!" - Anne

Together, let's wash out the confusion for clarity!

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You can feel good about saving time and money knowing which products are best for a safer future.


You'll understand ingredients to avoid and find yourself well informed to make better product choices.


You'll love the way you and your family feel after choosing clean products specific to your needs.


It all starts with you!

I'm Reagen, wife, mom of 4, business owner, and advocate for clean beauty. 


My mission is to help guide others on their paths to clean living one step and one product at a time.

Did you know our country has not passed a single major law governing the beauty industry since 1938? There are only 1.5 pages of legislation to govern the $200 BILLION beauty industry in the US.  Why are changes not being made? 

According to several studies, on an average day, Americans use numerous products which have not been tested for safety. Each day, women use an average of 12 unique personal care products, containing approximately 168 different ingredients. On average, men use six. We must make a change!

I'm proud to be an advocate at Beautycounter, whose mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. This puts you in control and allows you to navigate the path to products that you're going to love and trust and be proud of.

When you invest in your future through clean living, you're also creating meaningful change in the world.

Whether you're ready to overhaul your beauty products or get involved in a business that matters and can be profitable, I'm your guide!

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Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 12.07.58 AM.png
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You want clean ingredients that still deliver great results.

You deserve cleaner living made simple.


Reach out and book a call.

We'll evaluate your needs and get you on track.

You'll feel confident knowing the products you use are high-quality and safe.

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