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Thermography 101

I recently interviewed clinical thermographer, Ivey Harrison, of Greenville Thermography to learn more about this practice. In our video interview, she discusses how thermography can help us "discover our health in color" through the use of infrared images of the body. Thermography can really give us a better understanding of what's going on inside our bodies by detecting temperature differences in the skin - something dating back to Hippocrates! These differences may represent lymphatic congestion and inflammation, and show us areas of concern that can become a serious issue or a "structure" if not addressed. The images are taken using a digital infrared camera, so it is non-invasive, without radiation and without contact with the body. Watch our full interview below and continue reading for tips to help reduce your risk of serious health issues, specifically when it comes to breast health:

FIVE WAYS TO REDUCE YOUR RISK 1. Ditch the Underwire Bra Reduce your wear of bras as much as possible (yes, please, to taking this bad boy off at home stat!) and switch to a less restrictive, wire-free bra. The goal is to lessen restriction on the lymph system, so it can move in the ways we want it to move. Pact Organic has several great options - grab 20 percent off your first order with this link. Warner's has great options, too. 2. Dry Brushing Not only is dry brushing an incredible exfoliant for your skin, but, more importantly, it stimulates your lymphatic system. I have incorporated a quick dry brushing session in my daily routine by doing it just before my morning shower. Brush towards your heart in quick motions starting with your extremities. Here is a good vegan option available via Amazon. 3. Get Moving Harrison recommends "rebounding" or jumping on a trampoline to get your body moving. I definitely want to learn more about this, so stay tuned. 4. Replace Aluminum-based Deodorant While "natural" deodorants have not had the best rap performance-wise, they are getting better and more prevalent. I have found my current favorite brand on Amazon and also at Costco, Target and even TJ Maxx. Visit my friend at Detox Me Tuesday for a DIY armpit detox recipe to help speed up the transition between aluminum and non-aluminum deodorants. 5. Clean Up Your Routine

If you've followed me for a while, you know this step is incredibly important. It's also one of the best ways to make a significant impact in lessening your exposure to toxins. Personal care products and cosmetics are largely unregulated and are allowed to contain ingredients known or suspected to be harmful to human health, including carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Plus, we use them daily and usually a lot of them. Just take a moment to count all that you use. Yowzers! Be sure to check the EWG Healthy Living App to learn where your current products rank in terms of safety. Start changing out the most toxic items first and then switch to safer as you run out of others. Beautycounter is the best I have found to mesh safety and performance, plus they are 100 percent transparent in their ingredients, which is something to value in this age of marketing trickery! Check back for more reviews of personal care products and cosmetics on my blog soon.

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