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It's taken me a bit to get back into the idea of 'back to school,' so I have totally procrastinated in getting all the things until now. At this time, we are tentatively going back to our public school two days a week starting on September 10 and doing a co-op for the others. Luckily, my procrastination paid off because everything we need is on sale! Here is a round up of our safer loot and their current promotions in case you have procrastinated, too.

LUNCH BOXES + ACCESSORIES Our go-to for lunch boxes, lunch bags, and other lunch time necessities is PlanetBox. This year, we needed new lunch bags and a few small containers that we've lost and most everything on the PlanetBox website is on sale up to 40 percent off through August 31. I can tell you that the stainless steel boxes are 100 percent worth it. We've had our Rovers (the largest option) going on 4-5 years! We do let the kiddos choose new magnets each year to make it exciting.

REUSABLE SNACK BAGS We love our Stasher silicone reusable bags for school snacks. But, we also use them throughout the year for storing food in the fridge, while traveling/camping for toiletries, and as a phone/key holder on the river. Right now, all sizes of Stasher bags are 20 percent off on their website. BACKPACKS

We have sworn by Bixbee backpacks for years. I love them because they are free of lead, phthalates, PVC and BPA. Plus, they come in fun designs (think butterfly and fairy wings) and different sizes. Bixbee is currently offering free shipping for purchases over $40. DISINFECTANT WIPES + DISINFECTANT SPRAY One of my biggest concerns for school this year is our kids' exposure to super toxic disinfectants. Argh! I am sending Dr. Brite wipes + a big gallon of the disinfectant surface spray for each classroom with hope that our teachers will this safer option over the toxic stuff when possible. We also purchased hand soap for the classroom sinks and hand sanitizer. For more information on the dangers of toxic disinfectants, a guide to safer (yet still as effective) options, and resources for how to talk to your school/teacher about the dangers of toxic cleaners, please visit Women's Voices for the Earth page featuring Parents Against QUATS.

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